WirelessMon LogoWirelessMon - Monitor, verify and locate wireless networks

Monitor the status of wi-fi adapters and gather information about nearby access points and hotspots in real-time with WirelessMon.

WirelessMon offers comprehensive graphing of signal level and real time IP and 802.11 WiFi statistics. It can log all wireless information it has collected into a file, for archival purposes and future reference.

Monitor, verify and locate wifi networks and signal levels with WirelessMon.Click here to for more WirelessMon Images.

WirelessMon is a software tool from PassMark Software which lets you:

  • Verify that the 802.11 network configuration is correct.
  • Test WiFi hardware and device drivers are functioning correctly.
  • Check signal levels from your local WiFi network and nearby networks.
  • Help locate sources of interference to your network.
  • Scan for hot spots in your local area (great for wardriving!)
  • Create signal strength maps of an area
  • GPS support for logging and mapping signal strength
  • Correctly locate your wireless antenna (especially important for directional antennas).
  • Verify the security settings for local access points.
  • Measure network speed & throughput and view available data rates.
  • Help check wi-fi network coverage and range

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Wireless LAN Information

The following wireless LAN information can be displayed by WirelessMon, where available as a feature on the wireless adapter(s) being monitored. Please note that not all adapters support all features.

  • Current connection information: SSID; Connected access point MAC address; Signal strength; Tx Power; Authentication type; RTS Threshold; Fragmentation Threshold; Channel in use; Frequency being used; Number of Antennas; Beacon Period; ATIM Window; Dwell Time; Hop Pattern; Hop Set.
  • Statistics information: More than 30 parameters are reported. Including a detailed break down of frames sent and received, error counts, transmission retry counters and related low level data.
  • IP information: Information about the current TCP/IP connection is reported. Including the adapter MAC address; Adapter device driver name; the IP Address; Subnet Mask; if DHCP is enabled; the Gateway Address and the DHCP server IP address.
  • IP counter information: Network throughput is monitored and displayed. This includes the maximum bandwidth available from the network adapter hardware, the current send and receive data rates in bytes per second and packets per second, plus error counters.

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